Discrepant City

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a John Bannon effect that I’d previously overlooked the Discrepancy City Prediction. Originally published in Larry West’s Card Corner in the Linking Ring magazine November 1986 and later more widely in his book Impossibilia this is a simple prediction effect that can be done from a shuffled […]

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False Counts continued

My final post for now on the subject of false counts I wanted to share some variations of the Elmsley, Flushtration and Rhythm counts that are buried in print and not that widely known. As with all false counts they take practice to achieve uniformity in rhythm but technically none of these counts require any […]

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Laughing with Hamman

The Hamman count was first published in Paul Le Paul’s The Card Magic of Brother John  Hamman (1958) and although it’s not technically a difficult move it is one that can prove troublesome with the moment the switch takes place. A good teaching method can be found in Roberto Giobbis Card College vol 2 but […]

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Card magic at the Session

Last weekend I attended the Session convention in London at the Park Inn Heathrow. My second time there this event hosted by the guys at Vanishing Inc is for me one of the best conventions out there and worth the money. What sets this apart from others is the ability to meet and Session with […]

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Treatise on Triumph

First published in 1946 as part of the Stars Of Magic series Dai Vernon’s Triumph plot has inspired lots of variations over the years both in the hands and tabled.  Many of these variants have looked to add numerous convincers for the face up and face down situation sometimes overkill or introduce a number of […]

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Mastering the Stevens Control

The Stevens Control is one of those sleights that has caused much debate about its origins and indeed the correct method for performing it. In it’s basic form it is a false shuffle to retain the order of the top stock normally a poker hand and was first published in Dai Vernon’s More Inner Secrets […]

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Ernest Earick False Cut

After a very lengthy search I eventually managed to track down a copy of Bill Goodwin’s Penumbra magazine Issue 6 having been sold out for some time. Described in the first few pages is a wonderful tabled running cut sequence by the late Ernest Earick that retains full deck order without the use of any […]

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Jack Carpenter False Shuffles

If you are on the lookout for an easy to do full deck false shuffle without the usual tells look no further than Jack Carpenters work. On his Seattle Sessions DVD Disc 2 Jack performs and explains his Delayed Strip Out Shuffle where the moment of the strip out is changed as part of a […]

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Michael Weber Lecture

Earlier this this week I had the opportunity to see Michael Weber lecture at International Magic in London and it didn’t disappoint. With over 60 magicians in the small room including Jerry Sadowitz, Andy Nyman and street magician Troy you could tell that this was going to be a good lecture. I am predominantly a […]

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